Warrior Coaching avec Dave Blondeel

From where you are now to where you want to be! 

Semaine intensive -> (en Anglais)

Si vous souhaitez vous entraîner avec un groupe, c’est également possible. Dans ce cas, un entraîneur supplémentaire accompagnera Dave lors de ces séances de groupe. En plus du néerlandais, elle parle également le français et l’espagnol. Un groupe peut comprendre un maximum de six personnes, afin de garantir une orientation optimale. Une partie du groupe passera ensuite la nuit au Petit Ermite et l’autre partie du groupe à un autre gîte situé à proximité.

What do you really want to get out of life? Are you feeling uncomfortable? In search of clarity, calmness and focus? Would you like to start another study or make a career switch? Do you want to have a better relationship with your partner? Or do you want to become mentally stronger? How do you get from where you are now to the point where you want to be?

Dave Blondeel Timmerman, Warrior Coach, lives in the Netherlands. He can help you clarify these kinds of life questions during an intensive week on the site of Le Petit Ermite in the South of France where he then adjusts one or more daily sessions to your needs.

He works from three levels:
* Become mentally resilient
* Learn to be emotional resilient
* Being physically fit

By becoming mentally stronger, physically fitter and emotionally resilient, you can let go things so you can continue to get the best out of yourself. In this way you learn how you can use your inner compass to reach your true destination, so you can discover your inner warrior.

Dave works with a lot of patience, empathy, passion and energy and helps you to get the best out of yourself by connecting the body and mind. You cannot change external circumstances, but you can change yourself to become a better version of yourself.

Dave’s program in the South of France is tailored to you and it is also possible to come over with someone else. During this period you will stay in a gîte on the grounds of Le Petit Ermite. There are a total of two tiny-houses on the property and because Dave will then stay in the other gîte, there is plenty of time and peace to work on yourself. The environment will play a role during the activities, such as the terrain, the surrounding mountains and the adjacent forest.

We are happy to refer you to Dave if you want to receive a tariff from him for an intensive working week. You can then indicate to him whether you want to come over alone or with two people and discuss what you would like to work on so that he can shape his program to your wishes. In a practical sense you can also make other wishes known. For example, do you want to cook in the gîte yourself or would you like to eat in the evenings at the vegetarian table d’hôtes on site? When you make your wishes clear, Dave can tell you his tariff.

Dave’s website is: Warriorcoaching.org